More Articles from Laligathemids

Here is a collection of articles written by myself for various other sites/blogs either on a regular basis or just as a guest. Take a look:

29/3/11 – Forza Futbol 138: Paul from La Liga UK

Podcast with my good friends from Forza Futbol, talking transfer gossip, La Liga and Liverpool FC. Check out the other podcasts as well have got some top names in Spanish football writing.

14/2/11 – The Torres Saga: Who’s the real winner ?

Having allowed the dust to settle or my emotions to be more appropriate, I thought now would be a better time to write my views on all things Fernando Torres. I could have spent the last 2 weeks commenting on various articles some good and some not so good. But I thought that a response this way would help people understand the situation much better.

28/1/2011 – Julio Baptista: The Return of  “the beast”

Nothing in this world should be taken for granted. When life is on a high it’s just as important to remember the lows. This applies just as much to football, after all these are the players lives and careers. For all the talent in the world alone won’t make you the best player in the world

22/12/2010 – ‘Special One’ to ‘Spanish One’: Was Rafa’s time at Inter fair to judge ?

As the newly crowned World Club Champions arrived on the turf in the early hours of the morning at the Malpensa airport the fans chanted “resta con noi rafa benitez, resta con noi” (stay with us)

15/12/2010 – Álvaro Arbeloa: Seriously underrated

When the second Galactico era was embarked upon the world of superstars that arrived were some of the best in football. The best player in England, Italy and France all set sail for the Santiago Bernabeu. But who was the best value for money ?

Forza Futbol Podcast 123: La Liga the Midlands

My debut podcast appearance, due to technical reasons I dont appear till half way through, under discussion Real Sociedad and La Liga as a whole.

6/12/2010 – Málaga: Spain’s own Man City ?

With the ever-growing dominance of Real Madrid and Barcelona making La Liga become more and more predictable, it’s natural that people are going to look for a solution. Fan’s of other leagues will use this to beat Spanish Football but most (not all) leagues in Europe have one or two sides dominating the league title 

 22/11/2010 – Mind Games (What are they good for)

With El Classico less than a week away the hype and drama will continue to intensify. The media have been talking about it for a few weeks now, as a battle for La Liga like a cup tie that will decide the fate of the title. Sort of as if the rest of the season is

15/11/2010 – David Trezeguet: The Second Coming ?

Many will have been unsurprised when David Trezeguet rolled into Alicante, Valencia. Having played little in the last 2 years of his time at Juventus mainly due to injury


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